March 13, 2013

little busy bee

It's only Wednesday but its been a fairly busy week. I would love to say an incredible busy craft week, but how about we settle on just 'busy'?

Last week on the Prima blog, ignore how fair behind am I on blogging too, tee hee,
my um, cough cough, splutter splutter,
First ever Mixed media canvas was revealed!

"For my background I used Faber Castel Gelatos, and then white-washed it two times with Gesso. Once that was dried I applied the triangle Prima stencil with Texture Paste." 

"Then I sprayed Shimmerz and let it drip. Once that dried I applied the circle mask over the top. To make the texture paste and mask stand out a bit more, I used Prima's tea damask chalk ink with a sponge.  Sponge lightly over the top so the chalk ink will not go everywhere."

Then I used the white chalk ink with the stamps to add some more depth. White chalk on Gesso is awesome... love, love, love the effect!" 

I made this also for Prima blog! 
hip-pity hop, Easter is on its way!!
how do I know that?
I am faced with chocolate Egg temptation every time I shop.
Oh its hard to resist.

 and finally, my March Block of the month quilt square.
I am s l o w l y slowly slowly learning to apply perfection.
Measure twice, cute once.. in Dannii words!

It's time for some some freshly baked bread for lunch.

Happy Wednesday one and all.


  1. love love your canvas and layout.....gorgeous as always....and love love your quilt talented girl you

  2. Fantastic canvas and lovely layout! How funky is that quilt square. Awesome fabric and love the design!!

  3. LOVE these & wonderful to see how you used the Gelatos, too:):):) LOVE that quilt - yummy colours:):) And IKWYM with eggs in allllll the shops:):):)

  4. Oh your work is amazing, and your boys are so cute! and your square looks divine.. your quilt is gunna look wonderful when it is complete!

  5. Hi Felicity! I love your canvases -- so beautiful!!! And aren't Gelatos® the best thing ever for coloring on them??? They go on like butter!!! I am so sorry I am just now getting to your blog - the last few weeks have been crazy for me designing new classes. Welcome to Frosted Designs!! You will love the team - best one ever!

  6. Beautiful work Flis. Your canvas is just delightful. Loving your quilt....and you have a lot more patience than

  7. That canvas is stunning!! And your layout, just gorgeous!

  8. I was a quilter way before I was a scrapbooker, so Im trying to loosen the reins on my "perfectionism" in regards to scrapbooking I love your style, but find it difficult to just let go and slap around some paint and gesso, keep going with your quilting, it does take patience and lots of unpicking to get it right!


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