July 24, 2017

Happy, cute colourful pretty things!

Oh its fun to document memories. I know a lot these there, I wouldnt be able to remember if its wasnt for Project life.

 There were a few photos that I need to include in this page, but thate weren't real eye catching! So I deceided to use the exclusive project life cards as little flaps. Not only is intereactive, but its fun.

I held the little flaps together with some simple blanket stitching. Looks a bit cute I think!

Just by simply hiding 'unattractive' photos, gives more opportunity to make things look prettier!!

Heres the little process video too.

July 21, 2017

Its Friday!!

I am so excited to share with you this super cute Mini album I have made using the June Hip Kit. 

I used there one of the exclusive Project Life cards, and turned it into a flap to hide a little bit of journaling. I have held the flap down with some hand stitching. 

Then I created another little flap for more interaction and interest with some of the papers in the main kit, and finished it off with that cute wooden circle piece. Again I used hand stitching to hold it together and some machine zig zag stitching. 

I loved the sticker sheet from Crate Paper, Oasis collection, there some really nice words that allowed me to tell the story with them.

I then created a little pocket to pop in extra photos and jorunalling too. Decorated with that cute puffy sticker from Bella Bl'vd. 

Then onto the other side of the album. I  hand cut out some of the scallops from Pink Pasilee and layed them on, finished off with some embellishing.

There we have the other side! Its so bright, colourful and interactive. I love it!! 

Here is the process video of my mini album.

July 17, 2017

Cute cars, bikes, photos, colour...

How pretty is the June kits from Hip kits! I am so in love with lots and lots of it, but when I first opened my box of goodness I was drawn to the Vicki Boutin paints, the stencil (colour kit) and then the super super cute Lovely day paper with all those cute cars and bikes.

Call me crazy, but, I did sit and fussy cut a lot of these cute cars and bikes out, i just couldn't help it. I then had an idea that I would created a background with the paints and stencil and put the cute little cars on top. Then one thing lead to another.

Sometimes when we create, we have to just simply start and honestly, that can be hardest part for me. I generally like to try and visual everything first, but not this time i didnt have a vision. But I just love how this turned out. I even did something very different for me and cut my photo into a shape!

Of course I add a ton of hand stitching and machine stitching too.

There is so much prettiness and exclusives in this kit.
I'm off to play again!!!

July 12, 2017

Colourful project life

Just popping by with a bright colourful project life page for the latest Jot Moodboard.

Check it out!

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

July 7, 2017

Versatility and value go hand in hand.

You know when you get a hip kit and your like "wouldnt it cool to just use everything?" Because these kits are chockas full of prettness, I do struggle to kit it. Even after 4 layouts, a few project life pages and a Mini album.

Well, the May kit I killed!! All I have is scraps, maybe i would get a few cards or tags, but that's it friends. I have done 6 layouts, 3 Project life pages and a Mini album. Yep, friends, that value for money uh!

I really wanted to use more those exclusive alphas in the kit. The colour was like, Oh my... so pretty and the font, yeah, beautiful. So I decided to put some words that describe Missy Moo vertically on the page. Of course I had to add some hand stitching.

I love those Prima watercolours too that came in the colour kit. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, considering it was my 10th project with the kits!!

Go grab them friends, you wont be disappointed!!

June 30, 2017

Little Missy Moo

Hello lovely people. I loved the May kit from Hip kit club and I tell you, after 4 layouts, 2 project life pages and a mini album, I dont have much left.

I wanted to create a page this time with the Prima watercolours from the colour kit and those Crate paper stamps in the project life kit. I had no direction for this page, so I just started off with a gesso background and watercolour paints. I didn't think about where they were going to much, all I had in the back of my mind so to be caresful what colours go next to each other or they might turn out a little 'muddy'. Once that dried, I used my staz on black ink and stamped 'Noni and the number 2'.

Then it was a matter of me choosing out embellishments to make it all look pretty! :) I ended up creating a the big letter "N" for her name and hand stitched around it. I love big hand cut titles, I admire them, but havent actually done one myself! Might need to work on that uh!

I used the really nice Chevron paper to back my page, it just went so well with the watercolours.

Oh, I love all the bits the pieces in this kit.
Whats your favorite thing from the kit?
Mine would have to be those stamps and watercolours!

Have a wonderful creative week!

June 29, 2017

Alter Home decor

Hello lovely people. Just popping by to share my cute projects for Shimmerz over here on the blog. 

Products used: Pasteez - Tree hugger 
Colouringz Well blue me down and Oh say can U sea. 
Actronez - 3 sheets to the wind and Jiven Jade 

First off with the little old wooden spool, I coated that with the White Actronez, 3 sheets to the wind, then I used mostly the the colouringz over the top once it was dry.  I took the top off the bottles and used a brush to wipe it on. Then I finished off with the paint splatters and teeny bit of the Pasteez on the edge to add dimension. 

Next I alter this cute little frame. I did one about 12 months ago. So when I saw this pre-loved frame, I knew I wanted to give it a new lease of life just like the other one.
So once again, I started with the Actronez, 3 sheets to the wind, then I brush on some of the Acrtonez in Jiven Jade. To add some sparkle and shimmer, I finished off with some of the colouringz.

Oh I love how these turned out. They take pride of place on my mantle in the lounge room.

Hope this inspires you to try something new with your shimmerz.